This Baby is a Beauty (sometimes)


Been very busy and have not taken time to catch up with everyone, but still have plenty of time for pictures of this boy. He makes me smile, drives me crazy and stresses me to the edge of insanity. Oh the joys of having Watson in my life. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Saturday.

July at the lake

Watson and I headed up to Arkansas at the end of June to spend a time with the family in Arkansas. The weather was perfect. Mid 80’s most of the time. 20170703_074812


I was very worried how  Watson would do considering the last time he had an episode of cluster seizures, but this trip went smoothly with no problems.


And Watson enjoyed the boat ride, even tho he had to put up with Diesel!


But mostly, Watson and I hung out on the deck and enjoyed wonderful afternoons on Lake Hamilton.


A little Bob Marley on This Wednesday with Watson

I realize that Bob Marley was talking about you, as a person, as a society, as a generation,  when he said to ” Light up the darkness”. That we must remember that we are the light and have the power to overcome the darkness in this world, but this boy, my baby Watson, has the power to light up the darkness that exist in our lives and turns on a special switch that fills our days with love and happiness. Hope everyone has a great Wednesday with Watson!20170621_071648

Monday Morning Rain Showers

Much needed rain started falling around 3 in the morning.20170619_073850

When dawn broke the yard was wet and the rain was steady. We needed the rain. It has been so hot and dry for the past week or so.


But, that left Watson in a pickle. He hates the rain. So he is waiting for a break in the weather. He ran out for one quick minute to do his business and ran right back. Bless his heart.


Finally Friday

Watson started the day with robust energy. The problem he is having is that the duck is dead. No, we do not have a real duck. But he has a few of the type you find at Petco.DSCN2404

This one was his favorite. He is the one that shook it to death. But for some reason he looks to me for an explanation. – Can you please fix this problem?? – No, Watson, this duck has brain damage and you slit his throat. – What?


Guess we could pick some flowers for the memorial.


Road Trip

We are on our first road trip to the Lake Hamilton for this year. Watson and Aunt JuJu are ready to get there! Lots of construction on I30 and we were stop and go for about 90 minutes going out from Texarkana. So our little man was getting a little fustrated. Normally he travels so well, sleeps most of the way, but that stop and start got him tired, along with his momma and his aunt.20170411_130400