TBT for Birth Week

When Watson first came into our lives he weighed a big 2.8 lbs. I was afraid to leave him in laundry room for fear he would get stuck behind the washer or dryer.DSCN0444

He was the runt of the litter and is really small for a schnauzer. He is only about 10 lbs. But oh he has that terrier personality!


My toes have always been one of his favorite toys.

When the movie about a dogs purpose came out it got me to thinking about this puppy and his purpose in my life. He has brought life to the walls of our home and warmth to our heart.

I am going to take a few minutes tonight and reflect on the past 3 years and consider where I would be without this boy.

Here is hoping all is well with everyone tonight.

Birth Day of Watson

Watson was a sleepy head this morning. I kept on reminding him it was his birthday, but he just wanted to be lazy! Storms had rolled through Fort Worth in the middle of the night so with the thunder and rain the sleeping was good.20170329_072001But it did not take him long to get up and get ready for the day. My boy turns 3. I love this dog.