Looking Forward

Only a few more days left in this year, that has had both up and downs and twists and turns in our little family. But Watson remains healthy and happy, at least happy most of the time. Each day has been an adventure worth living and remembering. Hope all of you have had moments to remember as well. But we are looking forward to making the most of 2017. Good treats and good times ahead.20161026_082003

Rules Vanish

20161204_220145I have always wondered about people who have a pet and really treat it like a pet. Mine, including Watson, have always been a part of the family.  I really like him the best. So those who say to not let your pet on the couch, or don’t sleep with that dog! They just don’t understand that Watson belongs in my home and those rules do not apply and if I ever have one of those thoughts, one look at that face and it will vanish. I am curious, how many of you really have pets or are they family members?

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