Bad Hair Day

A look at the calendar and we figure out the reason for the rug rat look of this puppy! Has it really been almost 2 months since he has been to the groomer? Watson is very picky so he has to see Terri and she only shows up every other week at the vet and it seems we were either out of town when she was in town or some other wild thing has been going on. But we on on the schedule for next week. Watson needs a hair cut cause mom can not take it much longer! But don’t call the ASPCA on me folks…he has had a bath, just not a trim.20170121_082911


To be specific, it is very cold in Texas. Of course we are not prepared for this type of weather. It was 75 just last week. And if we can make it till Tuesday, it will be back in the 70’s again. I know the folks up north do not understand our response to cold weather. But I really think our bodies, through the years, have adjusted to warm weather so it just does not bother us physically or mentally as much as the cold weather. We are prepared for 100 plus degree weather come the summer time. We live in Texas.  We can drive and get around the streets and towns with no problem. A dusting of snow and the hospitals are on notice. More fender benders in 2 hours than in 2 days in August. And I honestly believe our blood is thinner. No proof, but it is very hard for me to warm up when with the wind and snow whipping and the temps are 24 degrees. And my favorite puppy is the same. Open that back door and he wants out to run and jump. But wait…dang it. Cold Wind! So he is back on the porch and mad because he wants back in. We are  both from the south.20170106_135518via Daily Prompt: Specific

Love..for the new year

I am hoping everyone experiences the love and happiness we all deserve. I believe that every being needs love and  I am so lucky to have great family members that treat this puppy as part of not only my family,  but theirs. Everyone who loves and cares for Watson are appreciated. Thank you to Mendy, one of our favorite go to person!20161116_112159