Sunday Morning

The dusting of snow has melted, but the cold lingers. Watson has decided that the cold is not for him so he wants to just hold up and sleep. I refuse. The sun is out, it will warm up, and he needs to go outside and chase that squirrel that is busy gathering those acorns. Really?? Was his answer.20170107_082112

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. So Watson seems to be in the “hold your pee until your bladder bursts” mode. The big dog we had (Riley) hated bad weather and once he held it so long that I kid you not, he must have peed for 2 full minutes. Does Watson do clothes?


    1. I have seen Watson do that same thing!
      Watson hates clothes. Getting them over his head is the easy part. But he hates when you pull it over his head. The ones with velcro work better. But, they are still the enemy. He does have a thunder shirt I use when he is out of control. He gets a little too hyper at times!

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