There is something about this dog…


Everyday I wake up and am thankful that Watson is in my life. He makes me laugh and cry within the same moment. He has the ability to fill my heart with joy and sadness at the same time. I know everyone who has the pleasure of sharing their life with that special little soul  feel the same ups and downs. Cheers to all of you for caring and loving and holding on to the special moments.

Saturday in Texas

Watson heard that Hurricane Harvey had hit the coast of Texas and his ear perked up, thinking we might get to evaluate to Arkansas.


He was a little relieved to find out that we were spared any real damage and only a few rain showers here and there, but just a bit disappointed the road trip to visit the cousins and aunts and uncles to the north has to wait for a couple of more weeks.


Hope everyone in South Texas is safe and no loss of life. Things can be replaced. Have a good Saturday.