Finally Friday

Watson started the day with robust energy. The problem he is having is that the duck is dead. No, we do not have a real duck. But he has a few of the type you find at Petco.DSCN2404

This one was his favorite. He is the one that shook it to death. But for some reason he looks to me for an explanation. – Can you please fix this problem?? – No, Watson, this duck has brain damage and you slit his throat. – What?


Guess we could pick some flowers for the memorial.


Spring, Sounds and Smells

Don’t know what Watson is searching for, but he seems hypnotized by the smell of the green, freshly mowed grass. That particular smell always brings waves of memories rushing through my mind, wonderful spring mornings in Arkansas. I always stop and take in the smell, going back time to my childhood. So, I like to thing Watson is thinking back to his first summer and that special feeling of love and security we get from special sounds and smells of spring.20170331_150931