Bad Hair Day

A look at the calendar and we figure out the reason for the rug rat look of this puppy! Has it really been almost 2 months since he has been to the groomer? Watson is very picky so he has to see Terri and she only shows up every other week at the vet and it seems we were either out of town when she was in town or some other wild thing has been going on. But we on on the schedule for next week. Watson needs a hair cut cause mom can not take it much longer! But don’t call the ASPCA on me folks…he has had a bath, just not a trim.20170121_082911

Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

dscn0444May 2014 was when I first saw this little boy and knew I had to have him in my life. No second thoughts on this decision. He was a whopping 1.8 pounds and the runt of the liter. But what a face and as I discovered, what an attitude. Dogs bring so much to our lives and I am so blessed to have this one cross my path and become part of my time on this earth. He makes me smile every day. How many of you have that special companion in your life? I know you feel the same…blessed, with no second thoughts.

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