Tired on Tuesday

It started on Sunday night. Just had to stay up and watch the Hogs play baseball. Then Monday night they lost and have been sent home from the CWS.20170604_225901

Now it is Tuesday morning and I think Watson has a little bit of a no sleep hangover.


No real interest in getting out of bed. Going to take a few to get over this Razorback loss.


Wednesday with Watson

Made a trip to Lewisville today for Watsons’ check up with his neurologist.  All is good.  His brain just fires a little different than the rest of the world. If you know him, that is no surprise. He is much improved since he was in the hospital and the new dose of meds seems to be helping. We are happy, but it has been a long day and we are back home and ready to call it a night. Here is hoping everyone had a great day! After all, it was Wednesday with Watson.20170510_081445