Wednesday with Watson


Wednesday finds Watson a little annoyed with me. Last week was not a fun week for our boy. Had to visit the neurologist about his brain. Which, in case you are wondering, does exist and I have seen the pictures! Watson has been having seizures and last Tuesday he have a bad one, so they decided to do an MRI and a spinal tap. I was worried that his little brain was going to be eaten up with cancer or cyst. Or maybe he had meningitis. But, no brain damage that is visible, no tumor, no evidence of stroke and no inflammation in the spinal fluid. The boys brain looks good folks, but as a result of his last round of seizures, his eyesight was affected. Blind. But slowly it is coming back. Seems sometimes they get nerve damage to the optical nerve. So, everyday I am poking my finger at him, hoping for a blink. Well, he is blinking and he is tired of me trying to poke his eye out.   Seriously annoyed.  So now instead of 2 , Watson is on 3 different meds to control these seizures. Been hard on my heart!

The shaved leg for his IV has started to itch..looks like a poodle cut to me.20170425_143319

You can see how his back was shaved for the spinal tap. 20170422_132804

God knew this boy was going to need help. God also knew I would take care of him. We were meant to be together.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday with Watson

  1. My heart hurts for both of you. Have you tried any alternative medicine? I don’t know what acupuncture/acupressure/diet/chiropractics/etc can do for seizures. But I do know it stopped my Freda schnauzer’s Cushings Disease in it’s tracks. And made Lexi able to walk without a limp from hip dysplasia. Maybe worth a shot? (I hope you know I am only trying to help — my heart is in the right place.)


    1. I have him on a neurocare diet and have thought about acupuncture, but he is really does not do well with people poking him so I am hesitant. He seems to do good when we are home, but in Arkansas with all the kids and extra dogs, his mind seems to get overloaded. So we are discussing maybe xanax for traveling. I am not sold on that yet. Thanks for caring. Gosh he is a mess and I love him.

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      1. I am glad you understand I care and am trying to think of everything I can to help. Even though you have probably already thought of all that and more! Please give Watson ear scritches for me.


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