Flash back to spring



It is Flash Back Friday and we have kinda been stuck in the heat of Texas for most of the summer, so we thought we would rewind to spring when we were at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas was our favorite place to be. Hopefully we can get back soon.

How many of you have favorite memories of the spring of 2016? Let us know…DSCN1993


Saturday Morning Wishes

DSCN1501Saturday morning at my house and the air is cool and the squirrels are out and about, but I am dreaming of the lake. No place better than Lake Hamilton in Arkansas. I get to chase squirrels and go on boat rides. When someone says ” Go to the dock” I am ready. And Willa always takes care of me.

Any one else have wonderful memories of time spent at the lake this past summer let me know.DSCN1549