Daily Prompt: Second Thoughts

dscn0444May 2014 was when I first saw this little boy and knew I had to have him in my life. No second thoughts on this decision. He was a whopping 1.8 pounds and the runt of the liter. But what a face and as I discovered, what an attitude. Dogs bring so much to our lives and I am so blessed to have this one cross my path and become part of my time on this earth. He makes me smile every day. How many of you have that special companion in your life? I know you feel the same…blessed, with no second thoughts.

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Daily Prompt: Relish

20161106_07114920161106_071334The season is finally changing in East Texas. Not for sure if we relish it around these parts, but the leaves are falling and the grass is just not as green. Watson does not seem to mind that there is a nip in the air and mud puddles along the way. He just wants to go faster and for his mother to hurry up! Good Sunday morning to all.Daily Prompt: Relish